Mount Carmel Primary School is situated in Onthank, Kilmarnock. We are the local Catholic Primary School and we welcome children of all denominations. At present the school has nine classroom areas, two open areas, structured activity area, art room, library, gym hall, two computer suites and an assembly/dining room all within one building. There are three tarred playground areas and a large grassy area to the rear of the school building.

It is the aim of everyone at Mount Carmel Primary to ensure that : –

There is a welcoming atmosphere and a positive ethos throughout the school and all children are educated in a safe, secure, happy and health-promoting environment. Within a Catholic school, founded on a deep Community of Faith, Mount Carmel fosters tolerance, care, concern and respect for ourselves and others. Learning and achievement of all children is valued and high aspirations and ambitions are promoted.

Children are enabled to develop strong foundations of knowledge and understanding and become masters of their own learning with appropriate skills and self-discipline. Within our inclusive school every child is given the confidence, attributes and capabilities to make valuable contributions to our society and our encouraged to become informed and responsible citizens. Each child is brought to a deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities and is helped to appreciate the diversity of other cultures and beliefs. A strong partnership with parents is established. They are kept informed and are active participants in their childrens progress.


Mrs B Gibb

Head Teacher

Mount Carmel Handbook 

School Meals Menus

Mount Carmel Classes and Staff


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