As a new school year begins we would like to take this opportunity to introduces ourselves to the parents / carers within our school community. We formed in 2003 with our aim of raising funds for the benefit of all of the children within the school.

As a group we meet approx twice per term for 1 hour in the evenings. This is usually spent organising fundraising activities for the school, through these activities last year we were able to provide the following: –

School book fair funds
Christmas gifts from Santa
Pocket money for P7 residential trip
Cakes for sacramental celebration
Coaches for summer outings

We would be delighted to see new people come and join us, it doesnt matter what class your child is in we would really love to see you at our meetings – remember the funds raised benefit all of the children.

Current members are :-

Lesley Cuthbertson (Chair)
Clare Melon (Treasurer)
Lesley McLaughlin (Secretary)
Catriona McCrindle (Asst Secretary)

You can contact the Friends of Mount Carmel by email at



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