Parent Council

The Parent Council plays an important part in our children’s education.  Below is a link to Education Scotland’s guideline to Parent Councils.

Our role is to :-

Support the School in its work with the Pupils
Represent the views of all parents
Encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community
Report back to the Parent Forum
To aid you in voicing your views, dates of the scheduled Parent Council meetings are listed below as are all members of the Parent Council.

You can contact the Parent Council by email at

Jim Campbell – Chair person

Patrick Coyle – Vice chair

Claire Grant – Secretary

Douglas Thomson

Leigh McPartland

Lesley McLaughlin

Anna Poggi

Amanda Busam Kennedy

Natalie McIntosh

Ashley Hunter

Jan Krokowski

As a Parent you automatically form part of the Parent Forum and therefore have the right to attend and more important, participate in the Parent Council meetings.

Only a small number of Parents attended the meetings in 2013/14. We would like to see those numbers increase in 2014/15. Please feel free to attend. All meetings commence at 7.00pm.

Mount Carmel Parent Council Minutes 16 Sept


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